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A perforated grille, primarily for use on extract systems, where individual blades are aesthetically unacceptable and where free area is not a major consideration. An opposed blade damper can be fitted to some sizes of the Code 0366 model but, where they are fitted, it is necessary to enlarge one of the perforations to obtain access to the damper control.

Code 0366. Perforated sidewall grille.
Code 0365. Perforated sidewall grille (circular).
Code 0620. Perforated pan to lay into a `T´ bar
ceiling system

Standard Specification

Code 0366. 50mm increments in nominal size from 100mm to 1200mm on the length and from 100mm to 600mm on the height.Code 0365. 50mm increments in nominal diameter from 100mm to 600mm.
Code 0620. 595 x 595mm.
Code 9621. 600 x 600mm.

Aluminium border with mechanical joints to lock the mitred corners. Perforated steel fixed core.

Powder coated white (RAL 9010 satin).

Countersunk screw holes in the border. Size no.
6 x 11/2´´ self tapping screws provided with each grille and painted the same colour as the grille. (Fixing type OF1). See Fixing Methods section for fixing centres.

Each grille is shrink wrapped in polythene with
additional cardboard support to the faces.

See pages


Optional Alternatives/Additions

Code 0366. We can make almost any nominal size up to the maximum of 1200mm on the length or 600mm on the height.
The product code becomes 9366.
Code 0365. Any nominal diameter between 100mm and 600mm. The product code becomes 9365.
Code 0620. An alternative size of 1195 x 595.
The product code becomes 9620.
Code 9621. An alternative size of 1200 x 600.
The product code remains 9621.

Opposed blade damper
Code 0366. A clip on opposed blade damper in mill finish aluminium. (Code 0106) It is necessary to enlarge one or more perforations in order to obtain access to the damper operator.
Code 0365. We can provide a flap damper (Code 0531) to fit into the duct behind this grille but it is necessary to remove the grille to gain access to the damper for setting the air volume. Only available in 160, 200, 250, 315, 355, 400mm diameter.

Any BS, RAL or NCS colour. Code 0145. Please specify the colour reference

Ordering Detail

• The code for the basic grille should have 13 digits.
See page 1.
• Please always give length first and then height.
• Add codes for additions / alternatives.
A standard perforated face grille, 300mm x 200mm with face fix, an opposed blade damper and painted RAL 9010 satin would be coded
as:- 0366/00300/0200 +0106+OF1.

Applications. Supply * Extract * Sidewall *
Ceiling * Transfer *



Pan adaptors & Plenum boxes (Un-insulated) for Code 0366 only, Top entry pan adaptor without flange (120mm high).
Code 0323. Top entry pan adaptor without flange (17mm high). Code 0338. This height of pan should only be used where the spigot diameter plus 50 is equal to or more than the smallest
nominal dimension of the pan.
Top entry pan adaptor with flange (120 mm high). Code 0328.
Side entry plenum box without flange. Code 0325.
Side entry plenum box with flange. Code 0324.
See Sheet Metal Work section for details.

Pan adaptors and plenum boxes can be fitted with a manually
operated quadrant damper (Code 0483) in the spigot provided
there is suitable access to the control.

We can also design boxes with non-standard heights where there is limited space above a ceiling or in the cavity. Please contact our technical staff at Llay.

D = Nominal Duct size
Model shown is Code 0365 + 0531
Circular Perforated Grille with Circular Flap Damper. 46% free area

Note: damper can only be set by removing Grille and Damper
from the wall





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