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A range of grilles and registers pressed out of sheet steel for use on warm air and ventilation systems. They can also be used as transfer grilles with or without a fire-block, as necessary.

Code 0371. Pressed steel grille.
Code 0370. Pressed steel grille with opposed blade damper.
Code 0369. Pressed steel floor mounted grille with foot operated damper.
Code 0367. Pressed steel ceiling mounted grille with cord operated damper.

Standard Specification

Codes 0371, 0370,
50 mm increments in the nominal size from 100mm to 600mm on length or height.
Codes 0369, 0367,
250, 300 & 350 long x 57 high
250, 300 & 350 long x 100 high

Pressed out of 0.85mm sheet steel with fixed angled vanes in panels.

Stove enamelled to white (RAL 9010) gloss - suffix W, or beige gloss - suffix B.

Screw holes punched in the surround. Size no. 8 x 1´´ self tapping, slotted pan head screws provided with each grille and painted the same colour as the grille. Fixing type 0F1. See Fixing Methods section for details.

Each grille is wrapped in paper and then shrunk wrapped in polythene with additional cardboard
support to the faces.

The free area of these grilles varies between % on the smaller sizes and % on the larger sizes.


Optional Alternatives/Additions

Finishes. Any BS,RAL or NCS colour in stove enamel only (Code 0145). Please specify the colour reference.

Ordering Detail

• The code for the basic product should be 13 digits.
See page 1.
• Please always give the length first and then the height.
• Add the codes for alternatives/additions as suffixes.
A pressed steel grille without opposed blade damper,
300mm x 250mm, stove enamelled white would be coded, 0371/00300/0250-W +OF1.

Applications. Supply * Extract * Sidewall * Ceiling * Floor * Transfer *


D = Nominal Duct size
Model shown is Code 0371
Return / transfer
Pressed Steel Grille





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