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Circular Air Valves

Supply or extract valves, available with
mounting ring and inbuilt 2 hour rated fire
damper, if required. The fusible link on the
fire rated valve can be easily replaced.
Ideal for use on toilet ventilation systems.

Standard •
Code 0354. Supply valve without fire damper.
Code 0355. Extract valve without fire damper.
Code 0356. Extract valve with 2 hour rated fire damper.
Code 0358. Supply valve with 2 hour rated fire damper.
Code 0353. Standard mounting ring for
Codes 0354,0355, 0356 and 0358.
Code 0357. Short mounting ring for
Codes 0354, 0355, 0356 and 0358.

Standard Specification

Codes 0354, 0355, 0356. 100mm, 125mm,150mm, 160mm and 200mm diameter.
Code 0358. 100mm and 125mm only.

Manufactured from steel. The fire damper models have a fusible link rated at + 50°C which can easily be replaced without the need for an access door.

Powder coated white to RAL 9010. Mounting rings are galvanised.

The mounting ring is usually fixed into the circular duct or the wall / ceiling and then the valve is secured into the mounting ring by a 1/4 turn clockwise. It can easily be removed for cleaning by turning a 1/4 turn
anti-clockwise. (Fixing type 0F3).

Each valve is wrapped separately. The mounting rings when required are usually supplied fitted to the valve, in order to minimise damage in transit.

The fire valves have been tested to BS476 Part 20. See below for performance data.

Optional Alternatives/Additions

Powder coated to any BS,RAL or NCS colour
provided that the powder is readily available.
Please specify the colour reference. It is not possible to stove enamel.

Alternative temperature ratings
The fire valve models can be rated for 74°C or 100°C to order. The prefix on the product code changes from 0 to 9. Please specify which setting is required.

Ordering Detail

• The code for the basic product should be 13 digits.
See page 1.
• Add codes for additions / alternatives.

A 100mm diameter extract valve without fire
damper painted RAL 9010 but complete with
standard mounting ring would be coded:- 0355/00000/0100 + 0145/9010+0353.

Applications. Supply * Extract * Sidewall * Ceiling *

Dimentional Details
Fixing Details




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