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Jet nozzles are designed to handle large volumes of air with long throws in industrial and commercial situations. They are ideally suited for exposed duct or sidewall applications, usually in large open spaces such as warehouses, factories, atria, sports halls (excluding badminton courts) and auditoriums. The jet can be rotated through 360° in one plane and tilted through 50° in the other plane to give a wide range of jet angles.
There are two basic models. There is a single unit only,
without a panel, that is designed to plug into the end of a
spiral duct and the other one which combines one or more units in a steel panel to fit into square or rectangular stub
ducts or plenum boxes.

Code 0360. Single unit without panel.
Code 0359. Single or multiple units in a panel.

Standard Specification

The Code 0360 is available in seven diameters which are 200, 250, 300, 315, 350 355 and 400mm.
The Code 0359 is available with one to four nozzles per panel but the nozzle diameters are limited to 200, 250, 300, and 350mm.

Manufactured from Zintec coated sheet steel with spot welded joints.

Powder coated silver metallic.

Code 0360. By rivet or screw through the spiral duct and connector ring of the nozzle. No fixing holes or screws provided.
(Fixing type OF7).
Code 0359. By rivet or screw through either the stack of the panel and the stub duct / plenum box
(Fixing type OF7) or through the face of the panel to the wall or duct behind it (Fixing type OF2).
No fixing holes or screws provided.

Each unit is individually wrapped in corrugated
cardboard and then shrink wrapped with cardboard to the top and bottom faces.

See page 9
It is important that the air velocity is as uniform as possible across the whole face of a jet nozzle. A minimum of two diameters of straight duct, without obstruction, is
recommended before the jet to obtain the best results.


Optional Alternatives/Additions

Any BS, RAL or NCS colour. Code 0145. Please
specify the colour reference.

Plenum Boxes
A back entry plenum box (Code 0377) or a top entry plenum box (Code 0378) are available to fit the Code 0359 models.

Duct Damper
A manually controlled opposed blade duct damper (Code 0376) can be fitted to the plenum box for Code 0359 models. See page 7 for lead-in distances.

Iris Damper
A manually controlled circular iris damper (Code 0249) is available for use with the Code 0360 model.
See page 7 for lead-in distances

Ordering Detail

• The code for the basic jet nozzle should have 13 digits. See page 1.
• Please always give length first, then height, where
• Add codes for additions / alternatives

A standard single unit jet nozzle to fit into a 200mm diameter spiral duct, with an iris damper and painted white RAL 9010 satin would be coded :- 0360/00000/0200+0249+0145-RAL 9010 satin. A standard 3 x 250mm diameter nozzle unit in a panel, painted silver metallic, with a back entry plenum box would be coded - 0359/01050/0350+0377.

Applications. Supply * Sidewall *

•Codes 359 and 360
The data given below is for isothermal conditions and free space application, with the jets straight. The throws are based on a terminal velocity of 0.25m/s.




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