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A linear ventilation slot designed for use with a ceiling void plenum chamber. The void is pressurised with fresh air which is discharged through the linear slot at a maximum rate of 0.11m3/s per linear metre. It can also be used in connection with a metal tile ceiling void system to provide additional
heating/ cooling within limitations if the fresh air is heated or
cooled. The slot has built in hit and miss dampers for overall balancing and is designed to be suspended from the slab above and to support ceiling tiles as part of a `T´ bar system.

Code: O312 Linear ventilation slot.

Standard Specification

1.8 metre lengths plus a fishplate to join to the next

Manufactured from aluminium extrusions and spacers with steel hit and miss dampers.

Powder coated to RAL 9010 satin.

The diffuser has an up-stand that can be drilled to take
suspension wires.

The diffuser is packaged in purpose made cardboard cartons with crush proof ends.

The diffuser will handle up to 0.11m3/s per metre run of diffuser.


Optional Alternatives/Additions

Any BS, RAL or N.C.S. colour. Code 0145. Please specify the colour reference.

Code 0549. These are available within certain
limitations as non active sections. Please specify the angle required and contact Head Office for details

Ordering Detail

• The code for the basic product should have 13 digits.
See page 1.
• Add codes for alternatives/additions.

A 18 metre straight run of linear ventilation slot, painted RAL9006 Matt would be coded 10 off 0312/18000/0000-0145 RAL 9006 matt.

Applications. Supply * Extract * Ceiling *





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