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A range of grilles for use in the floor on trench heating or ventilation systems where easy access for cleaning and a comparatively high free area are required. The grille is made in easily handled sections and can be supplied with or without a frame. The grilles are designed for light or
medium, not heavy duty use.

Code 0255. Roll-up floor grille with flangeless frame.
Removable core
Code 0256. Roll-up floor grille without frame. Core only.
Code 0257. Roll-up floor grille with flanged frame.
Removable core.
Code 0258. Roll-up floor grille mitre joint for Code 0255.
Code 0259. Roll-up floor grille mitre joint for Code 0256.
Code 0260. Roll-up floor grille mitre joint for Code 0257.

Standard Specification

12.5mm increments on the nominal length from 150mm to 2000mm in one piece and 12.5mm
increments on the nominal width from 150mm to 400mm. However, any length over 2000mm can be made up from sections that butt up to each other
provided the total nominal length is a multiple of 12.5mm.

Aluminium blades joined together with stainless steel springs and nylon spacers. The frame is aluminium with mechanical joints to lock the mitred corners and transverse strengthening pieces every 300mm.

Silver satin anodised to BS 1615 AA5 (5 microns) with silver coloured spacers.

Lay in to the opening or trench. No fixing holes
provided. Fixing type 0F4. See Fixing Methods section for details. Please note that if the flanged frame model (Code 0257) is used and the underside of the frame is not supported, fixing screws must be used in the
vertical face of the frame so that the flange does not take all the weight. The flange on Code 0257 would have no fixing holes provided, as standard.

Each length is wrapped in polystyrene sheet and
packaged in a cardboard carton.

Free area 60%. (Note:- this should be related to opening at the base of the frame or the trench opening size whichever is the smaller dimension and not to the face size of the grille)


Optional Alternatives/Additions

Non standard sizes. We can manufacture any width of grille or frame between 150mm and 400mm. The prefix on the product code changes from 0 to 9. Contact our sales staff at Head Office for details.

Opposed blade damper. A clip-on opposed blade damper in mill finish aluminium (Code 0106) can be fitted to the Code 0255 and 0257 models.

Black, gold or bronze anodising to AA15 (15 microns) with similar coloured spacers. Code 0147. Please specify the colour. It may be possible to
provide other anodised finishes for substantial
quantities. Please contact Llay for details. It is also possible to paint the blades and frames any BS, RAL, or NCS colour. Code 0145. Please specify the colour reference. However, a painted finish is not as durable as anodising and this should be borne in mind if the grilles are likely to be subjected to much foot traffic.
Note:- It is not possible to paint or anodise the spacers and so the choice is limited to silver, white, black, bronze/gold, dark brown or light grey to go with any alternative anodised or painted finish.
We suggest powder coating on top of anodising for swimming pool applications.

Screw or bolt holes can be punched in the vertical face of the frame. Fixings to be provided by others. Please specify centres and location required. (Fixing type 0F5). The Code 0257 model can have countersunk fixing holes in the flange. (Fixing type 0F1). See Fixing Methods section for details and centres

Ordering Detail

• The code for the basic grille should have 13 digits. See page 1.
• Please always give length first and then width.
• Add codes for additions / alternatives as suffixes.
A 50 metre run of 200mm wide roll up floor grille with a flangeless frame with no fixing holes, finished in satin anodised aluminium, with an opposed blade damper would be coded:-0255/50000/0200+0106.
Applications. Supply * Extract * Floor *

Model shown is Code 0255 + 0106 Roll-up Floor Grille fitted with Damper




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