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These grilles are designed to be fitted directly to exposed circular ducting without the need for a boot or special adaptor. The hit and miss supply damper acts as an air turn as well as a damper. Each height of grille is designed to fit a range of duct diameters. For industrial application however, in commercial and retail applications it may be desirable to manufacture the grilles to fit a specific duct size in order to improve the aesthetic appearance. See option alternatives.

Code 0386. Single deflection. Vertical front blades.
Supply or Extract.
Code 0387. Double deflection. Vertical front blades. Horizontal rear blades. Supply.
Code 0388. Angled hit and miss damper for supply grille.
Code 0389. Straight hit and miss damper for extract grille.

Standard Specification

There are four nominal lengths of 300mm, 500mm, 800mm and 1000mm and three nominal heights of 70mm, 165mm and 210mm. See the table on page 32 for the range of duct diameters suitable for each height. Please advise the duct diameter to which each grille is to be fitted by adding an additional four
figures to the usual 13 digit code.

Grilles are manufactured from high quality zintec
coated sheet steel, extruded aluminium blades and
neoprene sealing gasket. Dampers are manufactured from high quality sheet zintec coated steel.

Grilles are powder coated Silver metallic (Ref HBN 5462). The dampers are powder coated RAL 9005 matt (black).

Countersunk screw holes through the border. Size no. 6 x 11/2´´ self tapping screws provided with each grille and painted the same colour as the grille. (Fixing type 0F1). See Fixing Methods section for screw fixing

The grille and damper are packaged in separate
cardboard cartons.

See pages 33

See pages 32


Optional Alternatives/Additions

We can manufacture with aluminium frames as well as blades and also include stainless steel fittings for situations where steel is inappropriate. We can also manufacture with the flanges angled to fit a specific size of circular duct which improves the appearance for commercial and retail applications. Please note the product code prefix will be 9 instead of 0 on the grille. Please contact Head Office for details.

Any BS, RAL or NCS colour. Code 0145. Please specify the colour reference.

Ordering Detail

• The Code for the basic product should have at least
13 digits. See page 1. Then add four more figures for the actual duct diameter to which it is to be fitted. Make sure that the duct has a sufficiently large diameter to take the grille and damper, if fitted, and still leave sufficient space behind the damper to let the air past them.

A single deflection spiral duct grille, 500mm x 165mm, to be used on supply air, fitted to a 500mm diameter duct, painted BS00A05 satin would be coded:- 0386/00500/0165-0500+0388+0145- BS00A05 satin.

Applications. Supply * Extract *
Spiral Duct Mounted * Transfer *


• To size a grille handling 0.5m3/s at 13m throw: Place a rule on the volume scale at 0.25m3/s volume scale and on 13m on the throw scale. Read off relevant noise rating and pressure drop. Note the appropriate grille length and height.In this case, either a 500 x 165mm or a 1000 x 70mm, whichever is the more suitable. Design throws should be corrected using table 1 before entering the nomogram and if the grille is to be used with a horizontal throw within 600mm of the ceiling, the design throw should also be divided by 1.33. All other corrections should be applied to nomogram data.




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